Reviews & Praise

“I was looking for something outside of my comfort zone and got it with A Long-Forgotten Truth and I wasn’t disappointed.  The writing is strong and the story engrossing.” – Just Book Reading


“Budding writer Rachel Ballard blossoms with first novel, “A Long-Forgotten Truth.” Interview with The Bellingham Herald


“Rachel Ballard, you brilliant rarity!!  Your prose runs deep into a heart’s longing.  You write with fingertips tuned to feel the patina of a deeply human life.  Bob Dylan gave us words and music that remind us we ache for peace and to be loved beyond words, often way beyond what we can see.  In A Long-Forgotten Truth, you show us how it can feel to live with such longing.  And you do it with rare form – prose that rings with beauty.  Thank you for a novel we can read for the tale, but also for the loveliness of its telling!  Bravo!!  More please!” – Michael Cogdill, author of She-Rain


“Rachel Ballard’s lyrical prose will sweep you up. I entered A Long-Forgotten Truth’s world so smoothly and easily that by the time I was aware of the extent and depth of its tensions I was already gripped and held by them. The characters are rich and complex and fully evoked, and the voice of Gail, the narrator, is as fresh as any fictional voice I’ve read in the past ten years.” – Kent Meyers, author of Twisted Tree


“In this debut novel, Rachel Ballard has given us the compelling voice of young Gail Cavanaugh who mimics her mother before her as she hits the road. Time becomes fluid, as though in the re-telling, the narrator is also re-living. Forced to look both forward and backward, Gail discovers a sense of place (and placelessness), and the search—as in all searches for identity—leads to a fuller, more mature self, a recognition of how human ties are forged. In A Long-Forgotten Truth, Ballard demonstrates the insight and the craft that will definitely launch her name as an impressive new writer.” – Judith Kitchen, author of The House on Eccles Road

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